Global Communications Manager

EnginZyme is creating the most general and efficient technology platform for chemical production that the world has ever seen. We do so through the use of enzymes – complex and tiny engines that make all living things, from a blade of grass to a six ton elephant, tick. This technology gives us a unique position to address many challenges facing the chemical industry in the 21st century. In particular, it is our ambition to play a key role in tackling climate change — both by accelerating the industry’s transition to sustainability, and by innovating solutions for other industries through novel chemical products.

Do you care about climate change? Sustainability? Feeding, clothing, and sheltering a growing global population? In your role as Global Communications Manager at EnginZyme, your work can have a major impact on all of these things.

We’re a Swedish rapidly growing startup founded in 2014 that is developing a new, sustainable way of producing the building blocks of the world — the billion tonnes of plastics, nylons, rubbers, and all the other things that we touch on a day to day basis. With our technology platform we can use the power of nature (so called “enzymes” — complex molecules that exist in all living things) to produce these and similar products in a simpler and more efficient way than before. This gives us a unique position to address many of the challenges that the world is facing in the 21st century. In particular, it is our ambition to play a central role in the mitigation of climate change. We’re funded by high-profile investors, employ some of the best researchers in their respective fields and now we want to invite you to come along for the journey.

What you’ll do

EnginZyme is a company with a groundbreaking technology that stands a good chance of making a tremendous difference. However, most of the world has yet to understand this, and this is where you come in. You’ll help us level up our core messaging, our branding, our communication material and everything else that serves as our interface to the outside world. You’ll make sure EnginZyme speaks with a clear voice, and that it’s heard by all the right people.

Key tasks and responsibilities include: 

  • Develop and implement communication plans
  • Develop the identity of the brand
  • Manage media relations and media strategies
  • Content production - including press releases, key message points, Q&As, marketing brochures and other content
  • Manage the communication/PR budget including contacts with agencies
  • Manage social media accounts

The position is based in Stockholm and English is the primary language we use at work. You will report to CEO.

What we can offer you

  • The opportunity to be part of something big and important
  • To work in team with full of world-class researchers
  • Competitive salary and equity in the company
  • A friendly, tight-knit, and extremely multi-cultural group employing people from all over the world. On our team of 28 we today have Brits, Bolivians, Germans, Norwegians, Brazilians, Spaniards, Nigerians, Argentinians, Romanians, Russians, and Mexicans — actual Swedes are a minority!
  • To get in on the ground floor — we plan to build a company with thousands of employees, and it’s still early days
  • Startup mentality. No red tape, lots of responsibility and ownership
  • An high energy-environment of growth and near-constant change (we nearly doubled our headcount during 2020, and will plan to do the same during 2021)
  • Flexible hours and an environment where you’re free — and expected — to continuously learn and grow

Who you are

We’re looking for a highly skilled person at the top of their abilities, who wants to build a strong and respected brand from the ground up. We think it’s likely that you have a degree in communications, marketing, media studies and 5-10 years in a relevant role, but no particular background is a strict requirement. However, you do have to be a highly effective communicator and excellent writer in both Swedish and English. Knowledge of chemistry/life science is a plus but by no means necessary. In terms of personal qualities, we’re looking for someone who has a passion for what they do, has a great sense of taste, and who gets things done. And being cooperative, warm, and friendly is crucial.

If this describes you, we want to hear from you today!

Click on the link up to the right to apply. For more information, please contact Ebba Stragne at Bohmans Nätverk: / +46 76 800 98 08.





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