Senior UX Designer

Swedbank is the bank for many people, households and businesses. As a leading bank in its home markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Swedbank offers a wide selection of financial services and products. We are looking for more employees who share our values - open, simple and caring - and want to contribute to enabling people, businesses and the society to grow. If you have ambition and share our attitude, you will find many opportunities here. At Swedbank you have possibilities to grow. It is your drive and commitment that determine how you develop. 

About the job

User Experience & Service Design has grown fast in terms of importance and headcount in the past few years at Swedbank. We are a mix of researchers, UX designers, visual designers and UX writers with both broad and specialized competences. We are now looking for a senior UX designer to the business area of advisory, savings, pension and insurance. You will use and actively share your deep knowledge on design methods and craftsmanship. Most design initiatives have many stakeholders so good communication skills and balancing many needs are at core.


Your role

  • In the value stream ‘Savings & Advisory Transformation’ you will work closely with a team of 10-15 designers with different competencies and roles; researchers, UX-designers, visual designer and UX-writer as well as cross functional teams - together creating and putting to life the banks digital strategies.
  • You will synthesize customer needs with the user researchers and turn the needs into concepts and ideas spanning over short- and long-term implementation.
  • You bring customer journeys to life; visualizing the needs of the customer and creating ideas that solve the customer’s needs. You do this through a process firmly grounded in customer centric design, and you collaborate with user researches, UX designers and cross functional stakeholders.

Typical activities

  • Support multiple projects with UX knowledge - designing hands on coaching UX designers and other stakeholders where extra support is needed.
  • Hold idea generation workshops with the designers and cross functional teams, always making sure that the customer, business and technology are balanced.
  • Even though you see the larger picture your focus is to create and visualize concrete ideas.
  • Communicate design to many stakeholders

We think you’ll need

  • You’re mastering design thinking and design doing and you develop the methodology at Swedbank through the projects you lead and participate in.
  • You are excellent at idea generation – both the process, the ideas that you come up with and the process that you create the ideas through
  • You are an excellent communicator, able to explain what you do and why as well as able to argue the case for design decisions when needed
  • You cooperate with others, are a good listener, and enjoy understanding how the output of your work feeds into others work and to the larger picture at Swedbank.


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