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Bohmans Nätverk (Network) future-proofs businesses and organizations by finding leaders and specialists capable of driving change in a digital and sustainable world. We recruit leaders and specialists at all levels within communication and PR, marketing, MarTech, sales, management functions, and sustainability. We have remained true to our niche for 30 years, building a unique network of 30,000 professionals.

Digitalization and sustainability are areas that significantly impact the roles we recruit for. Therefore, we continuously develop our own expertise in areas such as the possibilities offered by AI and the laws and public opinion affecting sustainability issues.

Some clients need to review their organization, especially when transformation needs are significant, before the recruitment process can begin. We assist in analyzing the existing organization and provide advice on team and organizational development. Only when we understand today’s potential competence gaps and future needs does the recruitment process commence.

The process may vary depending on whether it involves open recruitment, executive search, or if the client chooses an interim solution during a transformation period.

We represent the client in relation to the candidate, maintaining a transparent approach to create confidence for both parties. Our work is conducted by senior individuals, handling both research and the recruitment itself. We consider our work a craft, and our consultants have personal experience in the roles we recruit for, allowing us to read a CV, including what is between the lines. Our motivation is to find individuals who make a difference. We take pride in being a boutique with a personal touch. With us, you get that little extra.

Currently, we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Through our partners in the international network Talent Territory, we are also represented in eight other countries in Europe and the USA.

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